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Trapped orcas escape from drift ice near Japan

A pod of around a dozen killer whales trapped by drift ice in waters off Japan’s northern island appear to have successfully escaped, officials say. The stranded orcas were spotted by a fisherman earlier this week, almost one kilometre off Hokkaido. Drone footage showed the animals packed closely together and sticking their heads out of…

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Japan: Foreign-born residents sue government for alleged racial profiling

Three foreign-born residents in Japan have sued the country’s authorities over alleged racial profiling. The plaintiffs say they have suffered distress from repeated police questioning based on their appearances. “There’s a very strong image that ‘foreigner’ equals ‘criminal’,” Pakistan-born Syed Zain told reporters. The lawsuit filed on Monday aims to confirm that racial profiling is…

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Japan bomber may have been found after 50 years

For decades, the smiling mugshot of Satoshi Kirishima has featured on wanted posters outside police stations across Japan. After 49 years on the run, authorities think they may have got their man. A patient at a hospital near Tokyo has claimed he is Kirishima, a member of a militant group behind several deadly bombings in…

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