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Spanish farmers join wave of protests

Farmers in Spain have joined their European counterparts in staging protests across the country. Like their European counterparts, they demand more flexibility from the European Union, tighter controls on the produce of non-EU countries and more help from their government. In several regions, they blocked roads and caused severe disruption to motorists. A large demonstration…

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Spain congress votes against Catalan separatists amnesty bill

The Spanish congress has blocked a controversial amnesty law presented by the government as legal concerns caused last-minute wrangling over its content. The bill, presented by Socialist Pedro Sánchez’s government, sought to benefit Catalan nationalists facing legal proceedings for separatist activity. It included those involved in a failed 2017 independence bid, including the ex-president of…

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Spain police bust gang of alleged ex-military robbers

Spanish police say they have busted a gang of ex-military men from Eastern Europe who allegedly robbed luxury homes in the southern Málaga province. Six people were arrested on Wednesday, including the alleged ringleader from Albania. A stash of jewellery, watches, cash and weapons was found. The gang is alleged to have carried out 71…

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