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Man admits to rape, murder of US tourist in Germany

A US man has confessed to raping and killing a fellow American tourist near Germany’s famed Neuschwanstein Castle last June. Troy Philipp B faces several charges, including one count of murder over a 21-year-old woman’s death, and attempted murder of the victim’s friend, a 22-year-old woman. The 31-year also admitted to sexually assaulting the 21-year-old…

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RAF Lakenheath: Are nuclear weapons returning?

Nuclear weapons could be making a return to a United States Air Force base in Suffolk 15 years after it reportedly removed its last ones. Documents indicate RAF Lakenheath is preparing facilities to house and guard bombs with an explosive power many times greater than the one dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World…

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Kansas City celebration turns to scene of chaos

On Wednesday afternoon, Kansas City’s downtown streets had become a sea of red – hundreds of thousands of Kansas City Chiefs’ fans gathered to celebrate their team’s second consecutive Super Bowl victory. This moment, filled with speeches from players and moments of zany fun, was supposed to cement the Chiefs as a sports dynasty. But…

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