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Party: The new-style nightclub that’s only open in the day

If you like a night out but are known to nod off at a bar when it gets late, the day-time nightclub may be for you.

Actress Vicky McClure and husband Jonny Owen have created a club night that’s open in the day but shuts early so you can get a kebab, the last train and be home for some Saturday night telly.

The idea is you’ll be fresh to take the kids to their clubs the next morning.

“Instead of dancing the night away, this is dancing the afternoon away,” joked Line of Duty star Vicky.

As a nod to the Bee Gees’ party classic Night Fever, the all-day discos are called Day Fever where its more “all day long” than “all night long”.

“It’s a nightclub in the afternoon for people of a certain age,” said filmmaker Jonny, 52.

“I love meeting mates, having a few drinks, having a dance but also like getting a cheeky curry afterwards, not queuing hours for a taxi and being home early enough for Match of the Day – and then it also doesn’t ruin your Sunday either.

“For me now, it’s all about going out on a bit of an all-dayer – and I thought there’s a real market for people with a similar vibe.”

Party: The new-style nightclub that's only open in the day

The discos are targeted at people over 30, where doors open at 14:00, last entry is 16:00 and party-goers are asked to be polite and encouraged to dress smart like they used to when they went on a night out clubbing.

“I’m really guilty for having a good dance in my kitchen alone – and I would much rather do it with my friends,” Bafta winner Vicky said.

“Music is such a powerful thing for us all to have, it’s one thing playing it in your headphones, your house or in your car but you’re on a dance floor, with your mates it really does create a memory – and I’m all for music and memories as we do with our dementia choir.”

DJs at their event can include Vicky herself, Jonny, and his daughter Radio 1 presenter Katie Owen who pick from classic party anthems chosen by DJ and Reverend and the Makers frontman Jon McClure.

Party: The new-style nightclub that's only open in the day

Their first day-time disco experiment in Sheffield City Hall last month sold out within 48 hours where Vicky and mum Carol led the dance floor charge.

“It started in a classic way where everybody stood round the edge of the dance floor,” said the Trigger Point and Without Sin actress, who had recently been honoured by the King.

“But me and mum were the first two up dancing and it didn’t take long before everybody followed – and it was completely packed.”

Daytime dances have now been confirmed in London, Nottingham and south Wales as well as a return to Sheffield and organisers want to take their drop-in disco to towns and cities across the UK.

“We’d love to see it in different cities so everyone has access and we’re getting loads of messages on our social media asking us to bring it to them,” she added.

“And having it on your doorstep, close to your home is the whole point so you don’t have to make late-night trips on the train, we want to make sure it’s accessible to everybody.

“We’ve got to be really fair about ticket prices because we appreciate the world in which we live in and people want to be able to come and have a great time so we’ve got to make it affordable to everybody.”

Party: The new-style nightclub that's only open in the day

Vicky and Jonny’s daytime disco includes a nostalgia fix on the big screens which includes clips from old school TV shows and films as well as retro television adverts.

“I’m terrible for scrolling down a nostalgia rabbit hole as we all love that once you get to a certain age,” added Vicky, 40.

An investigation by BBC Newsbeat found that more than half of all UK clubs shut down between 2005 and 2015 and Jonny wants to show that some people still want to dance and party, just a bit earlier than used to.

Party: The new-style nightclub that's only open in the day

Three of their next events – in Sheffield, Merthyr Tydfil and Nottingham – have already sold out while tickets for their day-time disco in London’s Outernet in March are selling well, they said.

“It’s better than going to the gym if we’re going down the January new year’s resolution route,” said Vicky with a smile.

“And you don’t stop moving as you’re on your feet for hours.”

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